Clarinet specializes in the rental of computers and related equipment, audiovisual and videoconferencing equipment and training rooms for short periods.

Our rental system is so well advanced that we are able to have equipment ready for you or delivered to you within same day of you placing your order.

We understand that sometimes you need things in a hurry, and that�s why we make it simple for you to rent from us.

Remember, our rental system is simple:

  • Rent for a week, month or longer
  • If you decide you want to keep the equipment for a further period, you will only be charged for the extra days that you keep it. IE; if you are on a monthly Agreement and keep the equipment for 4 days past the end of the term, you will be charged 4/30 of the monthly rate.
  • No need to contact us to ask if you can still keep the equipment once your initial rental commitment has expired,

Clarinet caters for your rental needs from as short as a day or for as long as a year. So if you are looking for the ongoing rental of technology for your office, then we can help. Many clients find it convenient to rent their fleet of notebooks or desktops for a year and then have the flexibility to update to the latest technology easily and efficiently, without having to worry about the disposal of old equipment or a large capital outlay for the new equipment.

We can also tailor a Rent to Buy plan to suit your needs. This gives you the option to buy out the equipment at the completion of your 12 months rental period. Alternatively, you can return the equipment to us and update to the latest equipment for a further 12 months!

Browse our leading products catalogue to see a selection of our extensive rental fleet available for long-term rental.

We know that our clients rely heavily on computer and audion/visual media to portray a message to their audience. Our talented teams of professionals specifically address the unique needs of Trade Shows and Exhibit Managers. We enusre competitive pricing and on-site support apart from latest technology and quality presentation rental equipment.

We are proud of our affiliation as the official rental contractor for many of the nation's leading trade shows. Our team of trade show representatives is dedicated to your project from pre-porduction to dismantle.

From complex networking to elaborate audio and data display installations, we have what it takes to make your event a success. Our expansive latest inventory of audio/visual and computer technology is available for your events within a reasonable budget that features:

  • Various Support and services of backOffice setups for events.
  • High-end equipment to support show Management
  • Internet cafe with one to 200+ networked systems
  • High-end equipment to support Show Management
  • Registration and Messaging System for Conferences
  • Touch screen information kiosks

Clarinet conference service track record of service is your assurance that Clarinet will be there with support and technology you want.

Clarinet will perform a pre-show review of all your hardware, software, and peripheral items to ensure accuracy. OurClarinet representatives will analyze the venue of your choice to determine effective cabling, PC security, power requirements and asset deployment. We will then pre-configure all hardware and software to meet your exact requirements.

Our talented field support technicians install and set up each item to the clients' specifications. They secure all cables, test the equipment and network connectivity and ensure timely delivery of any supplementary order besides.

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